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Possible introduction. Sample Story format for Integration site

Bells and Whistles, well done

by Hypothetical Author

Design and accessibility come together. Efficient use of style sheets, organization, structure, and new HTML 4.0 can lead to great website designs that are both eye-catchingly creative and accessible to people everywhere. It's no secret that website designers are often forced to make the decision between incorporating the hottest new technologies and effects, and reaching the largest possible web audience.

Bells and whistles are fine when they are conducive to a design and are used thoughtfully, but too often we neglect the portion of the web audience whose browsers cannot handle the cutting edge effects. The Web is intended to be a universal medium, and websites are meant to perform well (if not exactly the same), regardless of the user's platform, device, or browser version. This site, using HTML 4.0 recommendations, strives to employ great features and to degrade gracefully into older browsers and into non-graphical browsers. This not only makes a highly accessible site, but paves the way for easy conversion to XML standards later.

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