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Pictures of back-campus

These photos are from varied sites around back-campus, but you can also see further photos, mostly of Lynchburg.

back campus

A panoramic view of back-campus, from the Maier Museum hill. This image was made from two separate photos. The spiral-shaped building circled in red on the right is Houston Chapel (see below).

Maier Museum of Art

Speaking of the Maier, this is about as far back as you can go in back campus. It's on the steep hill north of the Phys. Ed building and the athletic fields. (I don't picture any of the athletics stuff because it's so hard to get a good photo of these places.)

Winfree Observatory

This is Winfree Observatory, where astronomy students watch the stars. It's also where our astronomy professor and physics chair Dr. Michalik spends many nights.

Chapel, view from the Dell

Here's a better look at the shape of the Chapel, from the perspective of the Dell (see below). Bell Hall is the building behind the Chapel.


A crooked photo trying to show the stained glass of the Chapel. I've got just one more close up view of it if you want to see.

tree on back campus

A tree on back-campus, between the Psychology building and Leggett building.

Canto sculpture

This is a sculpture recently given to the college by the widow of the artist Umana. It resides in front of Leggett Building, home of the art department and Thoresen Theatre.

the Dell

A panoramic view of the Dell, a beautiful spot where many outdoor events are held, including Commencement (graduation). In winter, the Dell is also used by neighborhood children for sledding.

Dell dedication stone

The Dell's official name is the Mabel K. Whiteside Amphitheatre, named after a professor of Greek who had her students put on Greek plays here. This stone commemorates her.

steps to the Bookshop

These are steps on the east side of campus which run between the library and the Macon Bookshop.

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