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Photos of the Redbrick Wall(s)
and Lynchburg

The Redbrick wall

Just one more picture of our R-MWC campus, for comparison's sake. This wall is our 5-ft.-high redbrick wall around our campus. It is a traditional symbol of our close-knit community life, and many alumae think fondly of their years "behind the redbrick wall." However, we certainly don't like to feel cut off from the rest of Lynchburg, let alone the rest of the world. In the olden days, Macon students were required to spend almost all their time on campus. We maiden girls had to be socially "sheltered" after all! Things forturnately changed over the years. Gradually, students got out more, initially with curfews, until now we are treated like adults, free to come and go as we please. A recent college symposium upon community and volunteerism created a t-shirt with the theme "Breaking out of the redbrick wall."

Fort Riley

No, this is not another view of the Macon redbrick wall. This is the ubiquitous redbrick wall seen in several places around town. The architectural styles in Lynchburg are not unlike R-MWC is some places. Driving down Rivermont Ave, Church Street, Langhorne Rd, and Fort Ave can give you an eerie feeling. This particular wall surrounds Fort Riley, a historic Confederate site on Wards Road.

Virginia School of Arts

This is the Virginia School of Arts's Seven Hills campus building. Note the redbrick structure.

Well, I don't have any more Lynchburg photos, but other sights to see are Riverside Park, on the James River, Monument Terrace in downtown, and Miller Park, by the central shopping Plaza and Lynchburg Public Library.

I brightened up this background a little from an image at The Essential Graphics Catalogue.

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