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This addendum to my résumé is my online alternative to a slide portfolio. I'm still not so hot at taking photos, so it'll take some time to get to those items that are too unwieldy to fit directly onto a scanner. If I can get around to it, I'd like to touch up some of these images in Adobe Photoshop, since the dithering has caused problems.

Last updated on February 18, 2000, to revamp the structure, add new pics, and create real thumbnails.

Pictures of my art

I sometimes work on and off on a project over years, which explains the dates that label each piece. Each image links to a larger image, if available.

Moon River: a crescent moon, sliver of blue water, and a large flower all on a pink-purple background

Moon River;
watercolor on paper

Sprinkling salt onto the image while the paint was wet caused a partial dehydration to occur, which gives the image that speckled look.

Princess: a coy young woman poses with a laughing face in a ballgown

pencil sketch

I drew this from a pattern that I saw in the paint on my otherwise randomly speckled bedroom wall.

Room: a model poses in a room embellished by a ceiling fan, curtains, and houseplant

pencil sketch

I drew this model cutely holding her purse to the back of her from a magazine ad that I saw. I completely made up the surrounding room, which is why I titled it after that portion.

Showpiece: a blond woman sits with her knees drawn up, her hair obscuring her face; a spilled drink below her adds an element of absurdity

tempera on paper

The frame is a cardboard mat decorated with lipstick and face powder so that the flowers sparkle in the light.

Dimensions: a strange design based on marbled paper, featuring 3 giant birds and a train steaming by them

pen & ink on marbled paper

First, you make or buy marbled paper that incorporates the colors you want. Next, you look carefully to see any images or shapes you can find in the random mix of colors. Then you outline and emphasize these items with pen and ink so that other people can see them. Finally you color it, if so desired, with markers. It sure makes for some freaky, surreal designs.

Toast: glasses created in three different media are cut and pasted all onto a piece of marbled paper

several components

From back to front, the three glasses consist of a tempera on paper, a pencil sketch on manila paper, and watercolor on paper. All three glasses were cut out and glued onto marbled paper as if they were all sitting on the edge of a table.

Fiction reveals truths: a quotation of Jessamyn West, represented by a caterpillar and butterflies

"Fiction reveals truths";
prisma color

Jessamyn West's statement "Fiction reveals truths that reality obscures" was the inspiration for this metaphorical representation. The open book at the top of this illustration serves no other purpose than to display the West quotation. At the bottom of the drawing is a green caterpillar crawling across the branch. A magnifying glass labeled "fiction" is superimposed onto the caterpillar and its lense shows, not a larger caterpillar image, but a butterfly. The phrase "See the hidden realities" somewhat awkwardly encircles the lense. Perhaps my symbolism was too unclear since it necessitates so much explanation, but what I had meant that to say was that fiction allows us to see unobvious things, such as the fact that the caterpillar will one day be a butterfly, just like the butterflies flying above him. Even though his outside appearance reminds you of a fat worm now, you should not forget to try to see the inner truth--the caterpillar is just a butterfly in the making. West's novel Crescent Delahanty, masterfully revealed a woman-in-the-making in the form of her young heroine Cress.

Doctor Who: a selection of elements from the TV show 'Doctor Who'

"Doctor Who";
prisma color

If you know the long-running British sci-fi show Doctor Who, you will recognize parts of this original illustration. The underlying purple cloth is my conception of "the fabric of time and space," which is somehow being forcibly ripped and tugged by a powerful force or evildoer, as might typically happen in a Doctor Who episode. Being dragged upon the cloth are varied elements of the show, selected according to the common theme of the transition from the Tom Baker doctor to the Peter Davison doctor. There is K-9, the robot dog which Tom Baker had for some years. There is the TARDIS, its door slightly ajar, as if to suggest that the Doctor, either Baker or Davison, shall soon emerge to save the day. The giant snake coiled behind the TARDIS is the Mara, the evil creature who invaded our dimension through the dreams of telepathic Kinda people, on Devaloca. The Mara particularly tormented the Doctor's companion Tegan for two separate adventures. The large blue-stone necklace which floats in the air as though thrusting itself forward for an extreme close-up, is a crystal which the Doctor used to trap the Mara, the second time it arose. In the far back of the illustration, there is Tom Baker's scarf tied in a bow around two objects. One is a red set of stairs of an M.C. Escher-esque nature; this crazy staircase is meant to represent the false world Castrovalva that the Master forced Adric to mathematically construct as a trap for the newly regenerated Doctor. The long column in the other side of the bow is the Master's TARDIS as it looked in the "Time-flight" episode, during which he tricked Nyssa and Tegan with a false image of the dead Adric. Finally, the blue-green planet on the far right is probably meant to be Earth, the Doctor's favorite planet, but I cannot remember for certain.

Experiment in Black and White: a cat and flower made in one media is repeated in inverted colors

"Experiment in Black and White";
several components

This somewhat weird project was instigated by my high school art teacher, who had us work with contact paper (a white adhesive with a black backing). We drew and carved out a design on the white front of the contact paper, then pulled off the white outline of the design to reveal the shiny black backing below. The white outline was then placed onto a piece of black construction paper, while the original carving was glued to the left side. Thus we have an inverted-color silhouette next to the original.

These are the titles of other artwork that's not currently here.

By Sea
pencil sketch
Banana Boat
posterboard; construction paper; pen & ink on paper; watercolor wash
Strawberry Twilight
a monochromatic acrylic on paper painting in red tones.
acrylic on canvas painting of a mysterious pair of arms reaching out to arrange some flowers in a vase by a window.

This background was made by me.

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