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Pictures of the Randy-Mac campus

These photos are from varied sites around campus. Yes, they were all taken personally by me, so their copyright does belong to me. You can also see photos of back campus, and of Lynchburg.

Main Hall

This is Main Hall, our oldest building on campus. To this day, it contains both administrative offices and student dorm rooms. Isn't it wonderful to know that you're sleeping a floor or so above the college President's office? There are also computer labs in Main, and the student center. The tower bell, named Conway, rings at traditional occasions during the year, such as Exams and Ring Night.

brickway in front of Main

This is the brickway that runs in front of Main Hall.

east curlies

These are the front steps to the east "curlies". The curlies are two sets of spiral staircases on the west and east of Main Hall. I picked this view because the limbs of the tree in front are beautiful and remind me of bones in a Georgia O'Keefe painting.

the Poetry Tree

This is the Poetry tree in full bloom. Standing in front of the west curlies, the tree is traditionally decorated every spring by students who tie poems to its weeping branches.


This is a panoramic winter view of Martin Science Building, where I spend the a lot of my time.


This is Presser, the music building and the home to the college Communications Office, where I work and spend the rest of my time.

Red Tree

This is the tree in front of Presser, which looks pretty in the fall.

the Summer House

The Summer House, or "Gazebo" is a great place to relax on front campus.

Botanic Garden

The Botanic Garden is located between Martin Science Building and the Library, on the east side of campus. I do not yet have a photo of it, so right now you can see the west side of Main Hall, which is such a bad shot that you can only see the trees, and you can't even see the Poetry Tree (not blooming) behind all the big trees!

a streetlamp on campus

The reassuring glow of several streetlamps on campus gives us students beauty and security in the night--not to mention our wonderful campus security officers. Cecil and "Big" Diane are my favorites.

a squirrel

Though somewhat hard to see, this is one of the innumerable squirrels on our campus whose tails are stripped off of fur. I originally thought this was a weird "rat-tail" mutation, until someone told me that the squirrels were probably having their tails snatched at by cats. I swear it is not a mouse!

The Sundial

This is the college sundial, located in front of West Hall and Thoresen Hall (not to be confused with Thoresen Theatre, in the Leggett Building). It is dedicated to Mary Charles Conlee, class of 1970, and the circled figure is my clumsily too-dark image of a bird in profile. The inscription reads "Time like life can never be recalled." [You may also see an uncircled version of the picture.]


In a recent winter, someone decided to decorate the Sundial with a snow family.

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